Dust Cover PRO - Cerakote Burned Bronze


Dust Cover PRO with Burned Bronze Cerakote Paint from Lorant Lazar. Available only one piece. Price is without Side Minirail which can be ordered separately.

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Main features: Standards MIL-STD-1913, STANAG 4694 NATO, Picatinny, Weaver. When the cover is mounted on the gun, you can use original iron sights (unless you mount optical device on rail). No tools required for mounting on or removing off the gun. Mainteing zero when removing from gun and re-attached on the gun (e.g cleaning, gun malfunction, ...). Fits to every gun, no gunsmithing needed. CNC machined from Aircraft grade aluminium alloy.

Details: Dust cover PRO provides additional firmness, e.g. when drop. Dust Cover PRO is thick-walled which results in increased protection of original dust cover. When Dust Cover PRO is damaged, you can take it off the gun easily and continue fire as the gun is still working with original metal sheet cover and recoil spring assembly. This doesn't offer any other dust cover on the market. They are all replaceable parts with recoil spring assembly and if such cover is broken, you have to take it off the gun including springs assembly. You cannot use your gun when it happens.

Finish: Dust Cover PRO is hard anodized, color Black. Important note: Due to material used, there might be small silver fragments, dots in the black colour. This is not considered as flaw.

As mentioned above - Dust Cover PRO is FAIL SAFE - in case of its damage or malfunction you can still continue shooting.

Dust Cover PRO maintain reliability of gun thanks the original assembly of recoil and firing springs which are well made by manufacturer of the gun.

Dust Cover PRO has sleek design which reduces possibility of snag.

All bolts and nuts are secured against loosing caused by vibrations or shocks when using a gun.

Dust Cover PRO CNC
Dust Cover PRO CNC + Minirail