Glock trigger with trigger bar for G17, G19, G26 Gen 3 & 4

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Flat trigger for Glock pistols.

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Značka RR ARMS
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Drop-in trigger with trigger bar, replacement for original trigger. Manufactured by milling from aluminium alloy for both, trigger and safely lever as well. Finish is hard anodizing.

Flat shape provides following advantages:

  • Lower placement of finger on trigger, better lever resulting in lower trigger weight.
  • Decreased tendency to change direction or hight when trigger pull - better trigger management.
  • Better feeling of trigger pull thanks to stiffness.


RRARMS trigger does not change travel, timin or reset to keep reliability on the same level as original trigger without need to change other things in the gun (trigger housing, trigger disconector with relief cuts etc.)

RRARMS trigger is replacement for EDC use as well as for Sport purposes.

Package is including Trigger with safety and trigger bar. Please specify model of your Glock in your order. If not specified, trigger bar for Glock 17, 19 and 26 will be used.

Safety lever is provided in 2 colors:

  • Red (standard)
  • Black (specify in order)